Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Stay

Hola! Soy Allie. Me divierto muchisima! Tenia miedo pero fue para nada. Mi familia es increible. De todo que oyi, la misma es para todos los otros estudiantes. Hoy fui a escuela. Fue interesante. La escuela aqui es diferente de los estados. Hoy, mi hermana tuvo gymnasio, ciencias del mundo contemporaria, dibujo technica, quimica, fran├žais, and matematicas. Fue una dia ensenada. Estoy muy contenta que vengo a Espana. Adios por ahora!

Hello! This is Allie. I am having tons of fun! I was afraid to to my family stay but it was all for nothing. My family is awesome. From what I have heard, the same goes for the others, too! Today I went to school with my spanish sister. The schools here are different from the ones in the states. Today, she had gym, contemporary issues, technical drawing, chemistry, french, and math. I learned a lot today. I am elated that I was able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. That´s all for now!

P.S. If the apostrophies on your computer look weird, I think it´s because I´m using the wrong one. There are about 10 of them on the keyboard, and I have no idea which one to use. Sorry =/

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