Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aqui estamos. Tuvimos el sol durante 2 horas y despues la lluvia. Tuvimos que ir de compras... Que triste. Vamos a casa manana. Here we are. We had sun for 2 hours and then came the rains. We had to go shopping. How sad. We go home tomorrow.

Es la playa de Torremolinos.

The beach in Torremolinos.

El Chocolate Con Churros

Es nuestra ultima manana en Espana para comer. Fuimos al Cafe Madrid - es famoso por su chocolate con churros. Fue fenomenal. Luego vamos a la playa. Ojala que haga sol.
Is is our last morniing in Spain to eat. We went to Madrid Cafe - it is famous for its chocolate with churros. They were phenomenal. Then we are going to the beach. Hope it is sunny.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fuimos a comer a la bodega Pimpi. Es un citio muy famoso en Malaga. Comimos tapas y bebimos bebidas. Era muy divertido. Llovio todo el dia y fuimos de compras despues.

We went to eat at a the Pimpi Bodega. It is a famous place in Malaga. We ate tapas. It was very fun. It rained all day, and afterwards we went shopping.
Este es Linda y la profesora de ingles que se llama Pilar.

This is Linda and the English professor named Pilar.

15 Abril 2009

Hoy vinimos una vez mas con Linda. En esta Foto, estuvimos enfrente del colegio c on nuestros "hermanos". Era muy triste para salir nuestras familias. Todos tenemos una bueno tiempo.

Today we went with Linda one more time. In this photo, we are in front of the school with our "brothers and sisters". It was very sad to leave our families. We all had a great time.

Un video de uno de los Tronos

This was one of many thrones that we saw while in Spain. This one was especially awesome because we were within touching distance of the throne. This throne was of Mary, and we saw it in Granada, in the sidestreet of our hotel.

Este trono fue uno de muchos tronos que vimos cuando estamos en Espana. Este fue guay porque pudimos tocarlo. Este trono fue de Maria, y lo vimos en Granada, en la calle al lado de nuestra hotel.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reunido con mis hijos - Reunited with my children

Hola Soy yo, Sra. Fehl. It is Wednesday am and I am preparing to go and pick up my children, excuse me, your children. I went to one of the schools yesterday and was able to see quite a few of them. The instituto was very nice, but I think you will hear that the schools here are quite different than ours. Vamos a ver.
We will write later I am sure.
Hasta ahora.
Sra. Fehl
Here´s a photo of Andres, one of his friends, and I riding home on a bus in Malaga (Sorry for it being blury)

Family Stay Salvador

Hello. This is Jacob Baranowski. I just wanted to let everyone know that I couldn´t have asked for a better family. They are incredibly nice and their oldest boy Andres (that one that´s been showing me around) is the best host brother that I´ve ever had. I´ve even considered swapping him out with my own brother, Nathan. (Just kidding). These past couple of days I was able to experience Spanish school which was quite interesting. I was talking about this with Chloe, that we really appreciate now all that our school offers and all of the opportunities that we have there. Well I guess that´s all. Bye

Hola. Soy Salvador Baranowski. Solo quiero decir que tengo una nueva familia perfecta. Ellos son muy simpacticos y el chico mayor, Andres, es el mejor hermano que he tenido en mi vida. Es posible que yo vaya a cambiar hermanos (jkando). También por dos días, pude asistir una escuela española que era muy interesante. Pues, es todo que necesito decir. Adios.

Monday, April 13, 2009

P.P.S. hola senora. como estas sin nosotros. ojala que sea relajador! <--- I USED SUBJUNTIVO =)) porque cuando nosostros revolvamos no va a ser relajador! =)

vale. ahora estoy terminado. adios!

Family Stay

Hola! Soy Allie. Me divierto muchisima! Tenia miedo pero fue para nada. Mi familia es increible. De todo que oyi, la misma es para todos los otros estudiantes. Hoy fui a escuela. Fue interesante. La escuela aqui es diferente de los estados. Hoy, mi hermana tuvo gymnasio, ciencias del mundo contemporaria, dibujo technica, quimica, français, and matematicas. Fue una dia ensenada. Estoy muy contenta que vengo a Espana. Adios por ahora!

Hello! This is Allie. I am having tons of fun! I was afraid to to my family stay but it was all for nothing. My family is awesome. From what I have heard, the same goes for the others, too! Today I went to school with my spanish sister. The schools here are different from the ones in the states. Today, she had gym, contemporary issues, technical drawing, chemistry, french, and math. I learned a lot today. I am elated that I was able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. That´s all for now!

P.S. If the apostrophies on your computer look weird, I think it´s because I´m using the wrong one. There are about 10 of them on the keyboard, and I have no idea which one to use. Sorry =/

Thursday, April 9, 2009

encuentro con las familias - Meet the families

Hola soy yo Senora Fehl. Here are my anxious students leaving the hotel in Granada. They were all very excited, yet nervous about the first encounter with their families.

The trip took 2 and a half hours, we travelled by bus. It was very comfortable. We stopped in the city of Malaga to purchase flowers for the Spanish moms.

I can assure all of you parents that the families were super majas - that means super nice and fantastic. I met each of them and honestly I was very impressed with all of them. Be prepared for your child to want to stay here forever. So, please breah a sigh of relief and know that they will be well taken care of. I have asked each of them to post at least once during their stay provided that the family has internet access.

They will return to me on Wednesday of next week.

Hasta Pronto.

Sra. Fehl

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is a picture from The Flamenco. We enjoyed the show with both male and female dancers.
Este es un foto del Flamenco. Lo pasamos muy bien con los bailadores chicos y chicas.
Here we are at a restaraunt in the Plaza. We all ate traditional Spanish combination plates. This was are last lunch together before we all leave to live with the families.

Aqui estamos a un restaraunte en la Plaza. Todos comimos platos de combinaciones Espanoles. Este fue nuestra ultimo almuerzo conjuntos antes de que saldremos para vivir con las familias.
Here we are at the Cathedral in front of one of the many statues used in the processions for Holy Week.

Aqui estamos en frente de una estatua que esta usada en los processions para Semana Santa.

Addition to Tuesday

In the evening we watched two of the processions from the holy week. They included music and figures of Christ and the Virgen Mary.
Por la noche miramos dos de las procesiones de la semana santa. Incluyeron musica y figuras del Cristo y la Virgin Maria.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay. Today was our first day in Granada. In the morning we rode the bus to the Alhombra, a Moor palace. We walked through beautiful gardens and saw a lot of incredible architecture. Unfortunately, it was cold and started to rain. It stopped, but it was cool for the rest of the day. After a few hours at the Alhambra, we went shopping at the local stores and ate lunch.

Vale. Hoy era nuestra primer dia en Granada. Por la manana, nostoros andamos el autobus a la Alhombra, un palacio de los moros. Caminamos entre jadines hermosos y vimos arquitectura incredible. Desafortunadamenta, hacia frio y empezaba llorar. La lluvia paro, pero hacia fresco para el resto del dia. Despues de unas horas a la Alhombra, ibamos de compras a las tiendas locales y comimos almuerzo.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Well, it seems like we just got to Madrid and we are already leaving. We had an unforgettable time here and an experience that none of us will ever forget. This picture was taken this morning before we got on the bus for Toledo. Bye Madrid!

Bueno, parece que nosotros acabamos de llegar a Madrid y ya estamos saliendo. Nunca vamos a olvidarnos nuestro tiempo aqui y las experiencias tan increibles. Esta foto fue sacada esta manana antes de salir en autobus para Toledo. !Adios Madrid!

Now we are in Toledo and in this picture we are sitting on the balcony of an artist museam. The balcony overlooks the Tajo River. Words cannot describe the what we saw. It was enchanting, beautiful, and incredible.

Ahora estamos en Toledo y en esta foto nos estamos sentando en el balcon del museo de un artisto. Del balcon se puede ver el Rio Tajo. No hay palabras que pueden descubrir lo que vimos. Fue bonitisima e increible.

One of the most amazing buildings that we saw in Toleda was the Cathedal San Juan de los Reyes. Here we are in front of the main entrance. The outside is beautiful and the inside is also very pretty.

Uno de los edificios mas increibles que nos vimos en Toledo era la Catedral de San Juan de los Reyes. Aqui estamos enfrente de la entrada principal de la Catedral. El exterior es bonitisima y tambien el interior es muy bonita.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

In both of these pictures we were eating lunch at Meson de Champenon. We had a lot of fun eating, talking, and spending money. The food was excellent and the building was cute. It was the same one we took pictures in yesterday.
En los dos fotos, estabamos comiendo almuerzo al resturaunte Meson de Champenon. Nos diviritimos mucho comiendo, hablando y gastando dinero. La comida fue excelente y el edificio fue precioso. Era la misma restarante que sacaron fotos en ayer.

Hello! In this picture, we were at the Royal Palace. Behind us is the city of Madrid. After taking this picture, we went on a tour of the Palace, and went to church. It was beautiful, and it was a great experience.
Hola! En este foto, estabamos a la Palacio Real. Detras de nosotros esta la ciudad de Madrid. Despues de sacando este foto, ibamos en una excurcion del Palacio, ibamos a la misa del Domingo de Ramos. Era bella y era una experiencia buena.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

El Mercado

We visited the Plaza de Espana after our picnic. Here we are with our old friends Don Quijote and Sancho Panza. We ended our day with a trip to the disco Kapital. Our first full day in Spain was a good one!

Visitamos la Plaze de Espana despues de nuestro picnic. Estamos aqui con nuestros amigos viejos, Don Quijote y Sancho Panza. Terminamos nuestro dia con un viaje al disco Kapital. Nuestro primer dia entera en Espana fue buena!

We visited the Prado Museum and saw lots of very famous paintings by Spanish artists. This photo was taken in front of a statue of the Spanish painter, Diego Velazquez. We saw paintings by Diego Velazquez, Rembrandt, El Greco, and Francisco de Goya. After the museum we went to a big park for a picnic lunch and resting our tired legs from all of the walking!

Visitamos el Museo del Prado donde vimos pinturas de artistas Espanoles. Este foto esta enfrente de la estatura del pinto Espanol Diego Velazquez. Vimos pinturas de Velazquez, Rembrandt, El Greco, y Francisco de Goya y despues fuimos al parque para el almuerzo y una pequena siesta.

We had another beauftiful day today, allowing us to do so many things! We began early this morning with a trip to the Cebada Market. The market is a large building filled with seperate vendors who all sell different foods and products. We bought cheese, bread, and fruit for a picnic lunch in the park after our trip to the Prado Museum.

Tenemos una dia bonita hoy. Fuimos al mercado de la Cebada, era una experiencia. Compramos mucho comida para un picnic en el parque despues de la visita Museo del Prado.

Friday, April 3, 2009

While going for a little walk we stopped into the very rustic Meson de Tortilla. We were told that this little Meson/cave comes to life with music and conversation during the evening. People gather at these traditional Mesons to play guitars, sing, and dance. We will be able to see our own dancing tomorrow night.

Cuando estaba caminando, paramos al Meson de Tortilla. Personas van a estos Mesones para tocar guitarras, cantar, y bailar.
Enjoying a wonderful meal in La Plaza Mayor in Madrid. While we ate, we had a very fun time watching all of the interesting people in the plaza. The meal was our first taste of authentic Spanish cuisine.

Estamos comiendo un almuerzo fantastico en La Plaza Mayor. Cuando estabamos comiendo, nos divertiamos mirar a las personas ineresantes en la plaza. Fue la primera comida espanola que tuvimos en Espana.

We're finally here! We arrived in Spain around 1 o'clock in the beautiful city of Madrid. This photo was taken at original center of Madrid. We may look a litttle tired because we spent about a week on the plane, but we're all very excited.

!Estamos en Madrid finalmente! Nosotros llegamos a Espana a la una, en la ciudad bonita de Madrid. Esta foto es del centro original de Madrid. Estamos cansados pero muy entusiasmados.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vamonos a Espana!

Spain, here we come!