Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Stay Salvador

Hello. This is Jacob Baranowski. I just wanted to let everyone know that I couldn´t have asked for a better family. They are incredibly nice and their oldest boy Andres (that one that´s been showing me around) is the best host brother that I´ve ever had. I´ve even considered swapping him out with my own brother, Nathan. (Just kidding). These past couple of days I was able to experience Spanish school which was quite interesting. I was talking about this with Chloe, that we really appreciate now all that our school offers and all of the opportunities that we have there. Well I guess that´s all. Bye

Hola. Soy Salvador Baranowski. Solo quiero decir que tengo una nueva familia perfecta. Ellos son muy simpacticos y el chico mayor, Andres, es el mejor hermano que he tenido en mi vida. Es posible que yo vaya a cambiar hermanos (jkando). También por dos días, pude asistir una escuela española que era muy interesante. Pues, es todo que necesito decir. Adios.

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